Community Craft Centre


History. It has always been one of the key aims of GSN to provide opportunities for the empowerment of poorer women, who are uneducated and marginalized at the edge of society.

It has always been the vision of GSN to provide a Community Craft Centre in a central position where women can use traditional craft skills to make attractive products such as baskets, handbags and purses, soft toys, paper products, locally grown turmeric spice and honey, and many other hand-crafted items.
This will mean carrying on traditional skills which may otherwise be lost, and provide a sustainable means of living to the women.

To build a Community Craft Centre on land owned by the GSN, near the Bus Park in Sauraha.

Who will Benefit. Mainly local, marginalized women and their families, but also the GSN where profits may go towards other Projects

Basket ware, silk scarves, stuffed toys, hand-painted cards and stationery using Nepalese motifs, Elephant Dung paper products, Lokta paper products, hand-carved wooden animals of the jungle, Honey, Turmeric spice, Pencil Boxes, Desk Tidies, Hand-painted mirrors, Himalayan Black Tea and Green Tea, Himalayan Coffee