Food Festival

In conjunction with this year's race a food festival was also organized and this will be a permanent feature each year. It was organized by the Restaurant Association Sauraha, Chitwan. A wide variety of food was available prepared by all the local restaurants working together as a team. On the stage a mix of traditional and modern music was played along with other local cultural performances which were all greatly enjoyed by the large crowds. Again some of our volunteers were involved, in their spare time brothers Owen and Gregg and their friend Mark are DJ's of English dance music and they teamed up with Nepalese DJ Yuva to deliver two hour performance for three nights in a row which had the whole of Sauraha dancing.

Elephant Composting

The elephant compost shed at Sauraha camping ground has now been built by volunteers and local people. It is now full of composting dung which will be ready to be used in about six weeks time. The plan is to spread this on an organic garden on the same site which will then be used to raise funds for local people and also educate them on how to grow produce organically. Again one of our volunteers was involved and Ian Graham spent a day or two up to his elbows in dung!

Elephant Race

The society always aims to ensure local participation that enables, educates and empowers local people. It endeavors to find uses for natural wastage which can meet the increasing demands of a growing population.

Using environment friendly technology minimizes the impact and keeps within the principles of conservation of wildlife and their habitat i.e. forest and biodiversity as a whole.