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Executive Summary
Green Society Nepal is a non-profit social organization, which was established in November 2007 in order to work in Health, Education, Bio-Diversity and Community Development of Nepal. Through local participation, Green Society Nepal aims to educate and empower the local people of Chitwan. By educating inhabitants about and promoting and incorporating environmentally-friendly technologies, we strive to minimize the impact of a growing population in the region and to keep within our principles of conservation of wildlife, wildlife habitat and biodiversity as a whole.


Traditionally, quality (private) education in Nepal has been too expensive for most families. This has especially been the case in rural areas of the country. In the Chitwan area, private education is also 10-15 kilometers from most homes.

Using a unique cost and tuition structure, Green Society Nepal envisions a class 1-12 school, Green Society School, in which children of all economic and social persuasions have an equal opportunity to empower themselves. We foresee children proudly wearing their school uniforms, walking arm-in-arm with their friends on the way to class in the morning. Motivated and highly trained teachers joyfully greet their pupils in English. Burgeoning boys and girls excitedly respond using new words they learned in school the day before or from each other. Classes are taught in English for every subject but one, Nepali. There’s an enthusiasm in the air at Green Society School as the day begins – the community is learning together, growing exponentially and creating a future in which all will flourish.

Green Society Nepal is seeking $100,000 USD in order to complete financing for the socially groundbreaking private Green Society Public School that will educate children in and around Bachhauli, Chitwan, Nepal. Green Society Nepal has already been guaranteed funding for 20% of our total construction cost. Through local grants and partner funding, Green Society Public School is already self-sustainable after year one, planning to achieve a profit . With your support of our building construction, our success is assured.